Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series an advance state-of-the-art Multimedia technology

Ever since ultrabooks have been coming, the manufacturers have been trying to make them slimmer and lighter while adding more and more power to them. Same is the case with Dell’s Inspiron 7000, it is a little bigger than the ordinary 15.6 inches laptops and might feel a little heavier too. However, the laptop has a lot of RAM and Intel Core i7, you will be able to find this for around 95000PKR as Dell  Laptop Prices in Pakistan  are very reasonable as compared to other manufactures who sell in Pakistan.


The main reason behind this model being named as Dell Inspiron 7000 is that it is the top of the line Inspiron model. It comes with two models; the i5 processor one has 6GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. However, the unit which we are reviewing has 16GB of RAM and a one TERA-BYTE of HYBRID drive. The graphical processing unit is the famous Nvidia Geforce 750M which will help you run almost all sort of games, it will power your screen (which supports touch as well) at a resolution of 1920×1080. The Dell Inspiron 7000 is a power-full, good looking device which will satisfy almost all your needs but it is quite heavy and a little thick if you compare it with other laptops. Another fine aspect of the laptop is the touch-pad, which is large enough for multi-finger gestures and very responsive. If we talk about the keyboard which is also very spacey and with each key having a good amount of space in-between. – The large keys will help you type easily and when it’s dark, you can make use of the backlit which has two levels of illumination. Talking about the software, it has the standard Windows 8.1 installed – an operating system which is constantly receiving updates, especially for the laptops.


In short, Dell Laptop Prices in Pakistan has helped the upper-class to buy many products at reasonable rates. This is another one of the model which you can try; it is good-looking and has a robust build. The 1TB storage, Intel Core i7 and the dedicated graphics card makes up a good laptop.

Dell Inspiron (5521) a great laptop




If you had to choose one company which comes up with reasonable price tags and a durable laptop then many of you would go for Dell. Dell Laptop prices in Pakistan has been pretty decent and also their laptops perform up to the expectations. The Dell Inspiron 15R-5521 is a well-built laptop which promises good performance and a nice display with an even better price tag.

To be honest, it is hard to find a fault in this beauty. Its price is competing fairly with all the other competitors with respect to specifications. The good part is that it’s available in 4 colors including red, pink and silver and it does not look like a budget laptop, the casing is of plastic but you can hold it firmly.  The overall touch of the system is very robust. If we talk about the specifications, the 15.6 inch screen is very sharp and clear. With a resolution of 1366×768, you can see HD movies at it. The processor depends upon the model , you can find all two of the Intel Processors (Core i3 and the Core i5). The Core i5 version is installed with 8GB of RAM and 1TB of hard disk which is definitely more than enough. You can even do some low-level gaming on this system as it is equipped with Intel HD 4000. The Operating System is Windows 8.1 and like all other laptops, it runs stable and is pre-loaded with some basic applications which include multi-media. It also has a HD web cam so if you miss your family and friends they are just a call away. The only downside of this laptop is the speakers, which aren’t that loud and have a very low bass. However, for this price money you are getting more than what you would be expecting.

In short, the Dell Inspiron 15R (5521) is a really good model. The processing power is really fast since it’s equipped with an i3/i5 and supports RAM of 8GB. Apart from that, the display is crystal clear and powered by the Intel HD 4000. Laptop prices in Pakistan   start around 35,000PKR, it is definitely worth the money. 

The Dell Latitude – For Budgeted Business People

dell1 (11)

If you’re a businessman who is always on the move or someone who does not like to carry the weight of papers then the Dell Latitude series should be your choice. The best thing about the series is that Dell laptop prices in Pakistan are very fair. You must have seen other brands like HP, Apple, Samsung and Sony etc. with all their fancy features but I bet none of them will have the price to performance ratio which the Dell Latitude series is equipped with.

On top of everything, the latest models of the Dell Latitude series are rated as the world’s most secured business laptops. When you’re in a business, your data is one of your most valuable and vulnerable assets which is protected by multiple security layers of the Dell Latitude laptops. Starting with the encryption and authentication, you’re given a fingerprint scanner so nobody else can use your laptop or see anything on it.

Secondly, these are high-performance and very fast processing units as they’re equipped with an Intel Core i7 and the simple yet very stable Ubuntu. The bad part is that some of these models don’t have a dedicated graphics card (like the Dell Latitude E6540) but that’s something which not many businessmen look for. Apart from that, it is a very decent machine which is highly secured, blazingly fast, and sleek and good looking at a price range of 1 lac. You wouldn’t have to worry about the battery when you’re on the go either; it’s powered by a 6-cell battery which will give you quality hours without much any hustle. The HD camera is also worth mentioning because no matter how busy you are; you must give time to your friends & family. The Dell Latitude is loaded with a number of applications by which you can interact with your friends, family and co-workers all around the globe.

In short, the Dell Latitude is the best choice if you’re a businessman and touchy about your sensitive data. It will secure your data like no other laptop in the market can and because Dell laptop prices in Pakistan are reasonable, spending on this will turn out to be a very good business investment. 

Dell Latitude is most secure business laptop


Laptops are most commonly use devices by business class and students. With the technological advancement laptop buying trend increases day by day because of its portability and functionality. Many big giants are offering laptop models like Apple, Sony, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell. If we talk about affordability and performance Dell laptop prices in Pakistan are more reasonable. Dell introduce variety of series like XPS , Vostro , Latitude ,Insprion .Each series has its own distinction , value and  updated with new technology demands.

Dell Latitude series is considered more durable and powerful then Insprion series. It specifically helps business class for securing data .Latitude  is further categories into E series which include different models like  Dell Latitude E6540 , E5440 ,E7740 these are recent brand with core i3 , i5 ,i7 etc. They have Ubuntu operating system which increase productivity work and give smooth working experience. Use it for business work anywhere it is compatible with all latest technology .large storage option according to consumer need up to 1TB hard drive and GB RAM. Its backlit keyboard helps to work in even dim light environment. Most amazing feature which appeal business class in data securing function. Because data is most valuable asset and confidentiality of any company no one can compromise on it. Dell Latitude E6540 Core i7 protect business data it consist of detail encryption, authentication and protection from data misusage. No one can harm data or steal it because of its data security function.

Dell Latitude has two main competitors Lenovo ThinkPad and HP Elitebook which have same business feature but due to Dell laptop prices in Pakistan  it is more demandable.

Best Ultrbook to buy

This concept “Ultrbook” was introduced by Intel in 2011 at its developer forum. In that forum intel come up with a prototype of Ultrabook. After that intel introduced different Ultrabook upgrade models in terms of processor, battery life and thickness. Main concept of Ultrabook is that it should be thin and offers 2 in 1 facility of laptop and tablet without compromising battery life.

If someone want a most portable, thinnest, light weight, fast and long battery laptop then go for Ultrabook. But the prices of these books are much more than other Laptop Prices in Pakistan. Then your next target is to find out the best price for Ultrabook.


Lenovo is offering large range of Ultrabooks but there prices are so high that everyone cannot afford it. Dell and HP are the two names that offer more at low prices. Both brands also introduced Ultrabooks but not in big quantity yet. Dell Uthrabooks are more reliable and at reasonable prices. Dell’s XPS 13(2014) is the one of most famous, comfortable and stylish Ultrabook. It has long battery life, touch screen, 13.3 inches screen, powerful 4th generation intel core i5 processor and SSD.


But bad thing about this book is its few ports so you can not add or attach more devices to it. But still this is one of amazing Ultrabook at a reasonable price. The prices of Dell Ultabooks are much more than Dell Laptop Prices in Pakistan but low as compared to other companies’ Ultrabooks. So carefully go through the features and specs as well as price it offers and then makes a decision which Ultrabook is best one to buy.

Dell Laptops- efficient, durable and affordable

Laptop because of its light weight, more power and user friendly design makes a today’s world’s need. Whether you are a student or a business class you prefer laptops for your daily work. But some people thought that laptops are use for limited work and cannot cop up with huge work but this thinking is now change after the arrival of laptops with more powerful processors and large amount of internal storage. Laptop Prices in Pakistan are expensive due to which everyone cannot afford it. Thanks to some companies that offer inexpensive laptops with incredible features.

One big name is Dell which offers every time new and technologically improved models. From simple low level laptops to classic hybrid devices, dell has a complete range for everyone. These laptops are especially helpful to meet the working requirements of family members actually replacement of desktop computers. Here are some examples of durable and low rate laptops offered by Dell:

Dell Inspiron 3521

 Dell Inspiron 3521 is best in terms of durability, efficiency and affordability. You can now manage day to day tasks with this awesome featured laptop. This 15 inches Inspiron comes with 3rd Generation Intel Core i3processor, 500GB hard disk, 4GB RAM, DVD-RW drive and long term battery of 40Whr. So you can enjoy movies on the go with this sleek and portable device without any interruption.


Dell Inspiron 15 3521 3rdGen Ci34GB500GBWin8

Dell Inspiron 5423

 Thin, super power, built in DVD drive, long battery life, 4GB RAM, 14 Inches screen, Intel Core i3 and boots in a second. It’s not just a laptop; it’s a fully featured Ultra book at a very reasonable price. It can also be considered among the best budget laptops having splendid features.


Some laptops are big in terms of features not in price and highly ideal for home and normal day to day working. So if you are looking for a laptop and does not afford expensive brand like Apple, Lenovo then Dell Laptop Prices in Pakistan is the best option at reasonable price.

Dell Laptops – Why Should I Go For It?

According to an internet survey about the most reliable laptops in the market, Dell was at the second place while Apple was the winner. The survey was based on the rate of PC’s sold in the market and the customer satisfaction. Dell laptops are innovative, stylish and rich in their features. Furthermore, Dell laptop prices in Pakistan vary from medium to high range.


Competition in the laptop market has increased due to the introduction of many powerful brands. This thing resulted in the creation of very positive competitive environment and that is why laptop prices in Pakistan are decreasing while technology and quality, both, are advancing.


The company is coming up with convertible laptops like XPS 12 and gaming laptops like Dell Alienware. These two machines are company’s latest innovations. In the recent years, Dell has presented mixed designs; from Ultrabooks to Desktop replacements, from hybrids to gaming and multimedia laptops. Some acclaimed designs are; Dell latitude 6430u, Dell latitude E5530, Inspiron 17R SE7720 and XPS 15.


Dell is providing comfortable keyboards and efficient touchpads within its laptops. In an internet survey about keyboards and touchpads, Dell has got 13/15 points. Expensive laptops are providing keyboard backlight feature.

Audio/Video section

Dell is refining the audio and video quality of laptops. XPS 12 is fitted with a beautiful and strong gorilla glass screen. Alienware is delivering good quality sound. However, some problems are coming with medium range laptops in the audio section.

Overall, Dell is a good choice. Dell has deep roots in the past and they are also among the pioneers of the computer world. Dell laptops in Pakistan are easily available at different online shops.

Dell Laptop – A Great Range

Dell Company has provided reliable and durable laptops in all decades. The main and unique feature or the unique selling point of the dell laptops is the durability and reliability of the dell products Customers expect dell corporation to provide technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world.

For 28 years the dell laptops are prompting people. World has revolutionized now due to latest technologies and alterations. Dell laptop prices in Pakistan have a very large range from very low to very high.


The Inspiron series of Dell Laptops is extremelywidespread in the market due to its enactment and inventiveness. They are Intel i Series powered devices which can do fast and handle rigorous software and games easily. The new models now come with Windows 8 which is anenjoyment to use and massive internal storage guarantees that you are able to store all of your data files in your computer. Alternatively anotherprodigious series of Dell Laptops is Vostro and it is intended to deal a balanced experience of multimedia and business use. You will that the laptops under this series have great specification and do not cost much either. There is a very wide range of laptop prices in Pakistan which have high specifications. Those who want to buy them only for gaming should find refuge in the Alienware series. These laptops are powered by graphic cards with plethora of patented features which would make gaming an effective pastime for you. Professional gamers would find Alienware Dell Laptops to be highly competitive. A computing device should offer complete solution to professional and personal needs. If you are looking for something out of the box then Dell Laptops are the right choice.

Dell Laptops Prices

Laptops are known for their convenience, portability and affordability. In this modern world, technology changes every day with new inventions. Dell is considered among the leading brands of laptops in the world. Dell manufactures the personal computers, notebooks and other computer related products.. Dell laptops are designed with latest cutting-edge technology.

To fulfill the computing requirements of different users around the world, Dell laptops are designed and manufactured in different categories. If you are a professional and want a laptop for business purpose, you can choose your laptop from Latitude and Vostro series. If you need a laptop for home and entertainment use, you can choose your laptop from Inspiron and XPS series.


Latest Dell laptops prices in Pakistan range from Rs 45,000 to Rs 1, 60,000. Dell latitude series laptop prices range from Rs 75,000 to Rs 1, 40,000. Vostro series laptop prices range from Rs 52,000 to Rs 80,000. Inspiron series laptop prices range from Rs 45,000 to Rs 1, 00,000. XPS series laptop prices range from Rs 1, 10,000 to Rs 1, 60,000.

Dell laptops are packed with great number of features. Despite of it Dell laptops in Pakistan contain very reasonableprices. The latest laptops are equipped with Windows 8 Home Basic 64 Bit. Other features, these laptops is equipped with, include Intel HD Graphics, at least 320 GB Hard Drive, minimum 2GB RAM and 3 MB Cache memory. For connectivity, these laptops are equipped with Dell Wireless Network Cardand wireless Bluetooth. These are powered by 6 or 9-lithium cell battery. Moreover they come with DVD RW, integrated Webcam and Dell Keyboard with Touchpad.

If you are looking to buy Dell laptops then it is better to know about dell laptop prices and features. It will help you make the best decision.

Why should i go for Dell Laptops

The first question that arises in the mind of a customer when buying or going for a laptop is that what type of laptop should I buy? And the first thing that comes to the mind is to find an inexpensive laptop that works well. So first of all, you should search for information about the main features and specifications of the laptop like processor, the weight and size of the laptop and that of the screen, hard disk size, RAM, Networking, portability, display, warranty and battery life.

While answering the first question about the price of the laptop, Dell Laptop prices in Pakistan has no competitor. Reviewing the laptop prices in Pakistan dell is the most affordable machine available. Most of the people who buy their first laptop only uses it for checking emails, surf the web, watching movies, playing games, using Microsoft office program for their office documentation and saving pictures and data storage.


Well if we consider the above mentioned criteria Dell gives a good working machine to fulfill these goals in a very affordable price range. In Pakistan if we compare laptop market with auto mobile market we can say that Dell matches Toyota. Well how? It has a reasonable style, product of the market in respect of sale and purchase, affordable prices, cheap spare parts; spare parts availability is easy, repairing and maintenance cheap and off course fulfills the initial need.

So if you are not looking to fulfill your professional need in respect of laptop then Dell laptops are the one you need. It will satisfy your need for style and performance in adorable affordable prices as Dell laptop prices in Pakistan are the lowest and widely available.